Kesen-cha, a local tea with that personal touch

Once a month, Riku Cafe offers a tea tasting experience, where visitors can taste a selection of local teas served in a Taiwanese style for ¥300. In addition to the tea, the visitors also receive knowledge and conversation from Chikako Maeda, a former government worker and Takata local who decided to devote her life to tea. After leaving her job at the prefectural office in Morioka, she spent three years in total (two in Taiwan, one in China) studying all aspects of tea craft, from planting and harvesting to roasting and brewing.


This month, there were four teas available for tasting, and Maeda-san went through them one by one, explaining everything as she went. First, there was a cold-brewed green tea, refreshing and fragrant. Then came a traditional green tea, one that was lightly roasted (called hi-ire), and then a black tea. All four teas were made using the same leaf (locally grown Kesen-cha), however different treating processes led them to have wildly different flavor profiles and tasting experiences.


The Taiwanese style of tea tasting involves pouring the tea into the taller vessel on the right, and then immediately pouring it into the sipping vessel on the left. The vessel on the right is then held to the nose and sniffed to allow the taster to inhale the scent of the tea without burning their fingers. Finally, the tea is tasted from the sipping vessel on the left. It’s a unique and well-conceived tasting experiences that allow the taster go fully savor both the taste and the fragrance of the fresh-brewed tea.

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