The Sister Cities (to be)

I was in the ping-pong club at Takata High. I never won a single match.  They were like pros and when I played against them it was like amateur hour.

At Takata High we all had our home rooms and it was such a great experience.  We all made such good friends in our home rooms. The first day was pretty nerve-racking for me because I had to give a little speech about who we are and what we like to do for fun. By the third or fourth day I was never nervous because we were all talking. My favorite part was when we had arm wrestling matches.

When we were in Rikuzentakata we got to see some of the damage from the tsunami and that’s when it came real for me because it was mind blowing to me that water could do this. I remember watching news the morning of the tsunami and thinking, “Wow, how can water do this?”

Ohana means family in Hawaiian and that word perfectly represents Rikuzentakata because when they fall they get back up and help the people around them.
Benjamin Slayton, California, USA

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