Cause and Effect: How Visiting Rikuzentakata Influenced My Decisions

Being a senior in high school with not so many plans for college, I only knew of the different places I could go. I never truly knew the power of helping people could feel so rewarding. Visiting Japan for the purpose to connect two similar cities, I found myself enlightened by so many careers where I would be able to travel the world and most importantly help places in need. Seeing how devastated the town of Rikuzentakata was after the 2011 tsunami, I saw destroyed every piece of the town except for their hope–to keep moving forward and rebuild their city.

Meeting the students whose high school was taken from them in the tsunami and seeing the excitement of meeting me and the students I came with made me realize how precious people are and that I could be a impact on people of heartbreaking disasters such as the 2011 tsunami. I know that natural disasters happen and the best way to cause less damage is to be prepared. Learning all these things while in Japan helped me declare a pre-nursing major.

To this day I have never lost site of what I am working to become. At this moment in time I am a soon to be licensed certified nursing assistant doing what I love helping people and always smiling!

Haile Dearman, California, USA

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