Welcome to Rikuzentakata!

Hello!  And, welcome to our brand new blog.

This site has been made to share with you stories from Rikuzentakata, Japan.  You may have heard of our city.  If not, a simple Google search will pull up a series of articles.  (Try it.)

Our city was largely destroyed in the tsunami that hit northeastern Japan in 2011.  We created this blog because we want you to visit.  Rikuzentakata is a place of learning, kindness, inclusion, and warmth.

Visitors from around the globe have come to see and experience what happened in the disaster of 2011 and to learn what recovery looks like.  We will share posts in a variety of languages.  Maybe your post can be shared here as well.

We’re serious about recovery.  We’re serious about inclusion.  We’re serious about becoming a city that welcomes everyone.  Although we had to start over completely, we want to share with you our stories of hope, pain, and resiliency.

Visit Takata.  See for yourself.

(The photo is from 2012.  To see what the city looks like today you’ll just have to come for a visit!)

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